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City Properties offer advanced e-services

The City Properties, a real estate management companies in the United Arab Emirates offer a full range of electronic services developed in cooperation with Emirates NBD and the "International Network".

Has described these services as a quantum leap in terms of services offered by the company, which aims to introduce the company's customers in the era of e-services, where the client has quit his business electronically through the Internet which contribute to accelerating and facilitating the procedures of the client company.

And provide new services to clients the possibility of booking the property through the company's website and the ability to pay rental payments with the possibility of postponing the checks payable and receivables arising from access to current and future, all over the Internet. In this step, the City Properties Company first to offer this advanced payment services United Arab Emirates. The announcement was made during a press conference held today at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai.

These services would be linked to advanced electronic site City Properties operations electronic payment via the Internet developed by Emirates NBD and the "International Network". It will be in front of the customer two options for payment, the first cross-mechanism "E - debit" payment, any payment directly from the client bank account, and the second payment with credit cards.

If customers want to pay via credit card, your payment gateway site linking them, the online payment service run by the "International Network", which allows the customer to pay the amount due via credit card.

The e-service discount (ie - debit) was launched by the Emirates Bank is a subsidiary of Emirates NBD in 2002 as the best solution to the deduction of direct and complete the course in electronic commerce. Manages the "International Network" service "E - debit", the online payment mechanism that allows the completion of instant transfers from the accounts of customers of Emirates NBD to a merchant account. Any client that uses a virtual portfolio to pay for purchases.

The service of "E - debit" is available to all customers of Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, and "Mai Bank", where customers can make payment using the same identification numbers of their operations online banking.

He noted Mr. Abdullah Al Shaibani, Chairman of City Properties during the press conference: "The decision to apply these advanced services will provide value-added services to our customers and provide their time. We are glad to partner with Emirates NBD and" Network International, "to give our customers reliable service, safe and fast via the Internet. "

As presented City Properties, in addition to payment options developed, the latest services, which include applications of electronic inform the online scheme flats, size and location, and to renew leases as well as the tenant can register complaints online with the possibility to follow the latest developments step by step until completion.


Also on this occasion, Mr. Abdulla Qassem, General Manager of information technology and operations in the Emirates NBD and Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Network International:" We have established Emirates NBD to be the preferred partner for customers from the public and private sectors. Our partnership with City Properties comes within the framework of our strategy aimed to adopt the best and latest technologies, leading to enhance the level of our services and provides our clients with value-added services and unique

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