Director Message

Abdulla Mohammed Yousef Al Shaibani

It is our desire to provide world class property management and consultancy services to all our customers, whether they are developers, property mangers or owners.with our accumulating rich experience in the industry and the innovation of our engineering, architectural and business strategy specialists, we can provide our clients with a wide array of property services us Only the best in evolving and ever-improving technology systems for management, security, development, maintenance and finance,that is affordable and the best value for money anywhere in the real estate market.

Our principle is to provide services that are fair and empathetic to customers' needs while also meeting the joint requirements of tenants and property owners equally. Homeowners should be able to make resonable earnings from tenancy contracts, without tenants facing difficulties in finding homes suitable with their income.

In terms of our business ethos, it is like a lake grows slowly drop by drop, we endeavor to grow our earnings and profitability much the same way organically, slowly, and with the full support of all our partners and clients. Aiming to provide the most innovative and comprehensive integrated real estate services for property seekers in the Middle East and across the globe by using evolving technologies with our years of experience in the real estate business

By keeping our clients requirements at our center of focus It is our wish, to always keep our clients' needs at the centre of all our service offerings and to provide a versatile and knowledgeable offering for consultancy on property management anywhere in the world.

We shall follow in the vision of our leaders to establish the UAE on the world map by demonstrating our great youthful aspirations as a growing and emerging nation. As the edge of the horizon stretches far beyond the scope of our sight, so do the limits we place on ourselves as an imaginative and resourceful real estate company.

Dr. Abdulla Al Shaibani
CEO, City Properties Real Estate